About Eshé

An Atlanta native and former teacher in Atlanta Public Schools, Eshé Collins never wavered from her strong passion for education. Beginning at a young age, she always knew the value of a solid education: a challenging curriculum, a system of great teachers and strong family and community involvement. Eshé understands the impact of quality education in realizing the potential of our city, and leverages her passion and experience to provide a... Read More

Why I'm Running

As a child, born and raised in Atlanta, I lived in a district that didn’t have a great school system. Troubled by the quality of education I would receive, my mother sent me to live with relatives so that I wouldn’t have to go to a failing school. Although this experience is hardly unusual, my mother’s decision taught me that quality education equals opportunity. I am running for reelection to the Atlanta Board of Education, District 6, bec... Read More