Why I'm Running

As a child, born and raised in Atlanta, I lived in a district that didn’t have a great school system. Troubled by the quality of education I would receive, my mother sent me to live with relatives so that I wouldn’t have to go to a failing school. Although this experience is hardly unusual, my mother’s decision taught me that quality education equals opportunity. I am running for reelection to the Atlanta Board of Education, District 6, because I believe passionately that all children should have equal access to quality education in their community.

website-why-20170419_Eshe_Collins_052_C_new_C-ps.jpgI’ve devoted my career to education and know that the education of our children is a community responsibility. I’ve taught, as an elementary school teacher, in Atlanta Public Schools, created community-based programs, trained teachers and community leaders and managed an early education, non-profit focused on preparing children for lifelong success. I’ve experienced the power of effective teachers and school culture and the impact of community collaboration.

As your school board member, I’ve advocated and worked tirelessly to improve education for all of Atlanta’s children. The conversations have been tough. The decisions have been even tougher. We’ve stabilized our schools and strengthened our services to provide whole-child development. Our schools are stronger, and the success of our children continues to rise.

Like many of you, I hope someday to raise a family here with the confidence that my children will receive a world-class education, in a world-class city. I am confident that our public schools can prepare children for the college and/or career of their dreams. Atlanta’s students deserve leaders, whether in the classroom or boardroom, who have high expectations and include the community, as a true partner, in the pursuit of student success. We must continue to fight together for quality education for all of our children and keep them as our top priority.

Our public schools provide one of the greatest hopes for us to continue as a great district and city. We are on the path to greatness. I ask for your support, your voice and your vote on November 7th for District 6 on the Atlanta Board of Education.